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about adam

Adam Price is a proud Kamilaroi man, Christian country music artist and a very sought after seniors entertainer across the Hunter Valley area.

His sound is a mix of modern Australian country and country ballads, classic American country and his own originals, with distinct "Aussie" vocals. His performances are highly energized with a contagiously happy style, and this has seen his unique way of entertaining thrive across Australia.

His bond with his land and supporting his country, see's him travel extensively throughout the year, and you just never know "where" he might pop up for a random show.











With 4 albums under his belt, his music spans the globe and his songs have hit the top 40 country charts in Australia, USA and the UK.

Paint You a Song - 2011 (Faith, Hope & Love - Top 40 AU Country Charts)

His debut album, and single "Faith, Hope & Love" was released early 2011 (with the album completed late 2011).

The album being described at the time by country music critics as having "something for everyone" with a mix of new and old style country and bush ballads.

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I'm Me Again - 2013 (Who Needs Jamaica - Top 10 UK Country Charts)

I'm Me Again was the second album release, and is a showcase of top UK based songwriter Jon Philibert.

It was at this time he really felt that he was getting back to "normal" after a life-threatening illness.

This is a well balanced album with country ballads, some rockier country tracks and the follow up song to Faith, Hope & Love, called "Hope" which is something this world needs a whole lot of in these everchanging and uncertain times.

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Driftwood - 2016 (Driftwood - Top 40 AU Country Charts)

The third studio album with a different collection of original country songs, from leading country songwriters from all over the world.

These songs tell a story that really resonate with you, and while none of these were personally penned songs (except the co-write of Faith, Hope & Love from his first album) his life felt so connected to these songs.

The title "Driftwood" represents many things for some it's being nomadic and travelling a lot like, others it could be constant, exciting change.

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God's Been Good to Me - 2018 (Hope - Top 20 AU Country Gospel Charts)

This fourth album, Adam believes is his most important and special work to date. A collection of extremely talented (and award winning) country gospel writers, with each song etching it's way into Adam's heart on first listen.

Everyone who has heard this album says it's a "VERY SPECIAL" album indeed.

The title "God's Been Good To Me" are exactly how Adam feels to this day. Full recovery from a life changing illness in 2010 (and not singing a note), to a full-time country singer... It really is incredible when you put your faith in  the Lord Jesus and leave it completely "Up to Him" how your life turns around!

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Having a life changing illness in 2010 (having been first diagnosed with only 3 weeks to live) and a harrowing 6 months of treatment in isolation at hospital. He felt compelled to give back some joy and happiness to individuals in their twilight years at aged care facilities. He initially sung just a few small concerts a month whilst he was in his recovery phase, which took him a good 12 months, and this very rapidly turned into a full-time show schedule.


These shows have become a very special part of Adam's musical work!

When Adam isn't in the studio recording and writing songs, or out on the road touring or performing regular weekend concerts, he's doing important musical work with all kinds of special individuals and groups. He always looks forward to seeing people happy and smiling from music.

"It's a true blessing, being able to connect with so many wonderful souls, bring joy and happiness to people of all walks of life through the magic of music!" - Adam Price

What I do

As well as being a full-time country entertainer and recording artist, Adam's week is full of funfilled bookings for those who need music and happiness... Below is an example of a fun visit to an aged facility, and the joy that the residents (and their family members) and staff experience when a concert is performed.